I live and garden in Olympia WA. I worked in IT for 34 years before being consumed by the WiserWand. I’m not an engineer or inventor. Just a gardener.

The WiserWand was born from the thought in 2011, “there has to be a better way to water”.

From that day forward, every time I watered, I thought about watering. After 1 year, by accident, I discovered if I loosened the soil with a garden fork prior to watering, the water was absorbed within the root zone.

I watered with a garden fork for 4 years. It worked and saved a ton of water. February 2016, I decided to develop the “watering fork”. I needed a welder. Fortunately, Josh replied to my Craigslist Ad.  

One month later, I was holding a “watering fork”. It wasn’t the answer. Through “trial and error” and Josh’s patience the “fork” evolved and on May 27, 2016 the 1st WiserWand prototype was created. I knew it was the answer!  

Soon after, I founded WiserWatering with the mission to “Save Water in Gardens Worldwide”. It’s not complicated. WiserWatering promotes 3 simple rules.

  1. Fix leaks ASAP.
  2. Water with high-efficiency products.
  3. Teach children to fix leaks and water efficiently.

Kids are key and school gardens are the perfect classroom. This is why WiserWatering donates 5% of profits to “grow school gardens” worldwide. Every school deserves a garden.




Tom Ryan
Founder, WiserWatering