I live and garden in Olympia WA. The WiserWand was born from the thought, “there has to be a better way to water”.   Turns out there is and it’s going to change the way we water:) It’s the WiserMission!

Excerpt from Thurstson Talk article, written by Gale Hemmann.

“Meeting with Tom is an energizing experience. As we sat at Starbucks, he held out two prototypes of the WiserWand to the interest of many café-goers. Holding the device, one can immediately see how sturdy, streamlined and well-thought-out it is. A steel stake with foot pegs and a squeeze-handle attachment at the top, it waters where it is most needed – only at the roots of the plant, eliminating waste and run-off from watering leaves, sidewalks and all the other places we gardeners know all too well where excess water goes. This device also saves water from wind and evaporation and you can use it any time of day. Furthermore, it is versatile, and waters everything from seedlings to fruit trees. When you are finished with it, just poke it in the ground for easy storage.

Olympia resident Robin shows the WiserWand’s unique ability to water trees deeply at the roots.
The WiserWand is built to last. As Tom explains, “Don’t worry about breaking it. It’s shovel-tough. The first one you buy is the last, unless you want two.” In short, this versatile tool just may change the way masses of people everywhere water their gardens.

It is also easy for just about everyone to use. “The WiserWand makes gardening accessible to children, seniors and people with temporary or permanent disabilities,” he shares. Watch this video of six-year-old Aiden watering with ease and precision. Tom says the possibilities are huge: “Kids are exposed to a practical, hands-on, high-efficiency watering method. As adults, they’ll expect high-efficiency products and the market will shift because of it. Within one or two generations, high-efficiency hand-watering products will be the norm and low-efficiency methods will sit on store shelves.”

In the beginning

In 2011, Tom, an avid gardener, began looking around for a smarter way to water – a product that watered efficiently and could be guaranteed for life. He scoured the internet high and low for this product and, to his surprise – just the same old nozzles,wands, and sprinklers.  There wasn’t a single high-efficiency hand watering product on the market. Thus, the mission to create a “better way” to water was born.

In 2012, holding a garden fork in one hand, he loosened the soil and in the other hand watered the area with a traditional wand. Eureka! That’s how you water. By loosening the soil the water quickly absorbed into the soil. No more runoff! 

For the next four years Tom watered with a garden fork. Then in February 2016, he decided to develop the product. What started as a “watering fork” evolved and the WiserWand was born on May 27, 2016.

Let’s grow school gardens,


Founder, WiserWatering