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Buy a WiserWand!

The WiserWand goes on sale at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. It will be the first opportunity to buy a Wand. If you’re at the show stop by booth 2515 and pick one up. Your plants will thank you. Water deeper, water less, water wiser.

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Everyone saves water

It’s easy to save water with the WiserWand because you water the subsurface and eliminate waste due to runoff, evaporation, and wind. No waste, no rules. Water when you want. The time of day, temperature, and wind aren’t a factor.  Water where you want with pinpoint accuracy. If you don’t want something watered, it won’t get watered.

It’s the best tool

Vennessa saves big with the WiserWand, “I used to water everyday for 1 hour. Now I water every other day for 20 minutes and actually enjoy watering. So does my 3 y/o daughter. She wanted to keep watering after the garden season was over:)”

In the News

Tom Ryan’s Gardening Invention Saves Water

Gardeners, take note: There is a better way to water, and it is like nothing you have ever seen before. The WiserWand, invented by Olympia resident, Tom Ryan, is a new tool that waters plants directly at the roots, saving tons of water… Read More.          

Water-saving device a game-changer for gardeners

Tom Ryan resigned from his job and devoted all his time and energy to developing a business around a hand-watering product he invented…  Read More.

Water Blog

Water where it counts

Save water, water the roots and lower your water bill. It’s easy with a WiserWand!

The WiserWand stops waste due to runoff, evaporation, and wind that’s unavoidable with today’s hand watering products. With the WiserWand you decide where the water goes. It you don’t want something watered, it won’t get watered… Read more

Watering is fun for kids

When kids argue about whose turn it is to do chores, usually it’s because they’re trying to get out of something they don’t want to do. But at Ashley Smith’s house, it’s the opposite: her seven-year-old son and three-year-old daughter quarrel about who gets to water the garden. Read more.

Dad & son water with ease

Andrew says, “The WiserWand is so easy to use, I don’t feel the arthritis in my fingers or struggle with my cane.

It’s easy for Aiden too.  He’s 6 y/o and able to water the entire strawberry bed. It’s fun for him.”  Read more.


Save Money

You’re guaranteed to save water and therefore guaranteed to save money on your water bill. Save today with a WiserWand.

Slug-free plants

The WiserWand waters the roots, not leaves. Guess what? Dry leaves are slug-free!

Built to last

The WiserWand is durable and will last garden season after garden season. 

Water with a birds-eye view

The WiserWand brings you closer to your plants and closer is better when watering.  It gives you a bird’s-eye view of the garden as you water.  Imagine watering, as a walk through the garden – saying “hi” to each plant, showering their roots with water, picking and deadheading flowers, picking vegetables and fruit, clipping branches, pulling weeds, and noticing their growth and beauty each time you water.  Be “engaged” when you water and get lost in the garden.

Fun for Kids

Watering is fun, not a chore with the WiserWand. Get a WiserWand and get your kids in the garden. 

Fewer Weeds

The WiserWand waters the root zone, not the weed zone. The weed zone is between the plants where the soils moist and the sun shines.  Keep it dry and the weeds are seeds.

Versatility & Speed & Water-it-all

I take a stroll with Ken as he shows the WiserWands versatility and speed of watering. He has a large garden and used the WiserWand exclusively over the summer of 2016. He said, “watering doesn’t feel like a burden and I used 1/3 of the water as the previous summer”.

The WiserWand waters the root zone of every plant, shrub, and tree in your garden – from the tenderest of seedlings to established trees and everything in between without wasting a drop due to runoff, evaporation, or wind.


Andrew and his 6 y/o son Aiden, water with ease. Andrew uses a cane and the WiserWand makes watering a breeze. Read Andrew’s story.

Don’t set it down, poke it in the ground

The WiserWand never sits.  Always at attention and ready to water.  When you’re not using it, poke it in the ground, don’t set it down. It’s a big advantage because it’s easy to find and impossible to lose.

Water and aerate simultaneously  

Roots need water and oxygen. The WiserWand delivers them at the same time.

Don’t water the Mulch

Mulch works without water. The Wiser Wand waters the roots, not the mulch.  Watering mulch is a waste and encourages slugs and weed growth.

Water when you want

Water in the wind, water in the heat of day, water when you want and don’t waste a drop.  When you water the root zone, the water doesn’t see the heat of day.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Never miss your mark with the “high-efficiency” WiserWand. In this photo Sweet Potatoes are watered through a small hole in the tarp and not a drop is wasted.



“Loving this tool and feeling Wiser!”

I am very happy with the Wiser Wand. Not only am I saving water, I’m saving my landscaping topsoil, which was washing away with the sprinkler. I find that I enjoy watering and feel closer to my plants. I slow down and look at each one, appreciate them, talk to them, and care for them as I water. I am finding my “Zen in watering. Loving this tool and feeling Wiser!


“My dog’s paws aren’t muddy.”

What’s really cool is we have a small dog. When I watered with a soaker hose it would create puddles and our dog would get muddy, even on a sunny day. Then he’d go inside and create a mess. No more muddy paws with the Wiser Wand. My house is cleaner and I’m saving water. Also, sometimes with the soaker hose I’d forget to turn off the water and it would run all night.  Doesn’t happen with Wiser Wand. When I release the trigger the water turns off.


“Always gets to the bottom.” 

The foot pegs allowed it to go into the ground everywhere, even though we have tons of rocks. After a little water, it would always go in all the way.


“Two thumbs up from this gardener.”

I have been using the Wiser Wand for several months and it’s great! It’s the perfect tool for getting water right to where the plants need it. I’m an avid gardener and I do have a sprinkler system, but I still need to water certain areas and plants by hand and the Wand is perfect for that. It gets the water right to the roots and makes for healthy plants and wise water usage. Two thumbs up from this gardener.


“I feel giddy and accomplished.”

I love to using the Wiser Wand knowing that I am not wasting any water. For me, watering and tending to my lawn is a great way to wind down at the end of a long day. I will usually turn the Wiser Wand on low, stick it at the base of my grape vines or fruit trees, leave it for a few minutes and tend to other plants. This saves me a lot of time and leaves me feeling very giddy and accomplished.

Javiera and Ryan

“Sweet, yummy cucumbers.”

We are so thankful Tom created and shared the wonderful Wiser Wand with us. This year, due to the heat and lack of rain, our cucumbers were really struggling. We began using Wiser Wand to soak the roots, where the water is needed, and our cucumbers perked up within the week. We had sweet, yummy cucumbers to share. We are so grateful.


“Useful in the greenhouse and for deep watering.”

Tom let me test out the Wiser Wand this summer and I found it to be a quick and efficient way to water the garden. I especially found it useful in my greenhouse and for deep watering the trees and bushes that were struggling during the drought: no wasted water and you can just set it in the ground, walk away and do other chores while it is watering right where it’s needed. Thanks, and good luck with your project!

Lynne and Vern

“Watered in half the time, water bill half as much.”

Tom gave us both a Wiser Wand and a shorter one to water our pots. After showing Vern how to use it, he couldn’t stop watering. We have a large garden with a variety of plants, shrubs, and trees in all shapes and sizes. Once a week we do a deep watering which had taken four hours. We were done in half the time with the Wiser Wand and our water bill was half as much.


“I don’t waste a drop watering leaves, weeds, mulch, or paths.”

With the Wiser Wand, I water my vegetable garden faster and better because I only water the root zone and I adjust the water flow based on a plant’s needs. The Wand lets me easily snake through vegetable beds and get close to seedlings without worry.

I don’t waste a drop watering leaves, weeds, mulch, or paths and because the water is directed at the base of the plant there is no waste due to evaporation or runoff. It saves water and work because there are fewer slugs and weeds.

I have a number of fruit trees and large ornamental shrubs and for this the benefit is obvious, as the foot pegs allow me to push the tip down into the roots and give the tree a deep drink without any runoff. As the tree is being watered, I’m free to weed and prune. So it cuts the time spent at a plant and allows me to focus on other aspects of gardening.

The more I use the Wand the more uses I find for it. It’s helpful in planting seeds and new starts as I can make and water my holes at the same time. I can set the water flow to a trickle and drag the tip along the soil to plant delicate seeds like carrots and beets. With two people planting it’s a snap. The fact that I can do almost all of the things I have described without effort or bending over makes my once tedious, wasteful, and unpredictable watering chore into a quick walk through my garden. I also find that since each plant is getting more water I can eliminate one of my waterings.


“Biggest production ever.”

Tom lent me the Wiser Wand to try out this season. I used less water and irrigated my crops more efficiently using the Wiser Wand. It’s able to get down deep to water the roots and promote root growth well below the surface. As a result, my plants were more resilient to the long, hot, dry afternoons we experienced this year. I had the biggest production ever this year, due in large part to using the Wiser Wand. I will definitely buy one for my vegetable garden and for gardening my perennials and annuals.


“The sidewalk isn’t watered.”

The area in front of our business is mostly bare, with 25-30 plants scattered about. I watered with a sprinkler for 30 minutes every couple of days. Tom attached a water meter before running the sprinkler and 150 gallons were used. The Wiser Wand only used 15 gallons! It’s amazing how much water we saved and the drop in our water bill. We’re a new business so it is important to save where we can. We spend less time cleaning too. Before, water would run down the sidewalk and customers would track in water and dirt.


“Recommend without reservation.”

I appreciate being able to stand up straight while using the wand and still be able to water deeply.  When I am watering more established plants like trees and bushes, I can insert the tip deeply into the ground, and while it soaks the roots, I can do other things in the garden simultaneously. The flow is adjustable—from gentle to full-bore— so I can set it accordingly, depending on what I am watering. I want to highlight a few of its many benefits:

  • Lets me deeply water only the root zone. This is crucial. I can direct the water to go only where it’s needed: to the roots of the plant—not on the leaves, which can be a cause of disease, and not on the surrounding soil that is only growing weeds!
  • I can meet the water needs of each plant: More water for this guy—less for this other one. I can care for each plant as an individual.
  • I save water! More than ever, conserving water is part of my environmental consciousness. I only water the roots—not the sidewalk, street, lawn, and sides of my house. It’s a very effective, water-saving device!

I recommend the Wiser Wand without reservation!


“Better root growth.”

I used Wiser Wand during the Summer of 2016. I found it very useful. We have a lot of mature rhododendrons in our yard. The watering tool was effective at getting water to the roots. We also had some new dogwoods planted that spring and the tool helped me get water deep for better root growth. Tom’s invention works!


“Less bending over.” 

I’ve used it for two months. I don’t have to bend over as much in the garden. I do a lot less wasting of water on spaces that don’t need to be watered.  I get closer to the roots and I think my tomatoes like it a lot because they don’t like water on their leaves. I’ve been using it pretty much every day and I like it a lot.


“Water below the wood chips.”

When I watered with a sprinkler everything was soaked, but the plants and trees weren’t watered deeply. With the Wiser Wand I can water anytime and it’s a lot faster. I can be more directed with my watering and water below the wood chips and to the roots where the plants need it.