“Save Water in Gardens Worldwide”

To fulfill its mission, WiserWatering promotes 3 simple rules.

  1. Fix leaks ASAP.
  2. Water with high-efficiency products.
  3. Teach children to fix leaks and water efficiently.

Follow the rules…

What good is a high-efficiency product if your hose leaks?

  • The WiserWand comes with a nozzle, shutoff, 3 washers, and instructions. Please read the instructions:)
    • Instruction #1
      • Check every hose connection for a leak. If you find one, replace the washer. Still leaks? Try another washer. Still leaks? Replace the hose. Still leaks? Ask for help.
      • Leaks happen. When you find one, repeat instruction #1.

To water efficiently requires high efficiency products.

  • Need a high efficiency toilet? Home Depot has 5+ options. Need a high efficiency hand watering product? Home Depot has ZERO options.
  • The WiserWand is the first option. Garden companies will take notice and develop high efficiency products of their own. In a few years, Home Depot will carry 5+ high efficiency watering products.

Who’s going to teach kids to fix leaks and water efficiently?

  •  Kids are key.  Teach them to water efficiently and they’ll water efficiently for life. It’s easy with a WiserWand because its a fun way to water. These mom’s know first hand. It’s fun for adults too. Saving water has never been so easy.
  • School gardens are key too. This is why WiserWatering donates 5% of profits to “grow” school gardens worldwide. Every school deserves a garden.