Please support the campaign and launch WiserWatering on its mission to save water.  Saving water in the garden isn’t complicated. WiserWatering promotes 3 Simple Rules that guarantee savings, 1.) Fix leaks ASAP, 2.) Water with high-efficiency products, 3.) Teach children to fix leaks and water efficiently. Kids are key!

Who’s going to teach kids to fix leaks and water efficiently? School gardens are the perfect classroom. This is why WiserWatering will donate 5% of profits to “grow” school gardens worldwide. The road to profitability begins by funding this campaign.

The mission to “save water” is ready for takeoff.

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Certified Savings in Australia & Europe

Smart Approved Water Mark certified the WiserWand in AUSTRALIA & EUROPE as a water efficient product!

In the photo, from left to right; Tom Ryan, Founder WiserWatering;  Zoe Palmer, Marketing Manager, Smart Approved WaterMark; Chris Philpot, CEO, Smart Approved WaterMark.  April 17, 2018, Sydney, Australia.

WiserWand Study – 5/27/2018

Certification was granted based on the study completed by Dr. Paul LamblePeak Water Consulting.

He compared the WiserWand to a traditional spray nozzle.  In the Garden Bed Test (page 13), he made the following observations.

6/8/2018 Approval Letter