WiserWatering guarantees the WiserWand will reduce water usage by 20% compared to your existing hand-watering products. If you don’t save 20%, you’ll be refunded 120% of the price paid for the WiserWand and Water Meter.

It’s easy to save water with the WiserWand because you water the root zone with pinpoint accuracy. The WiserWand stops waste due to runoff, evaporation, and wind that’s unavoidable with today’s hand watering products.

You’re in control of where the water goes. If you don’t want something water, it won’t get watered. Water when you want, water where it counts, water the roots! Time of day, temperature, and wind aren’t a factor. No waste, no rules, no guilt.

Samuel saves water in Tulum, Mexico

How much will you save?

First you’ll need…

  1. WiserWand of your choice.
  2. Water flow meter to measure gallons used.

You’re ready to take the challenge!

  1. Select two areas to water that are similar in size and plants or water the identical area twice. The selected area should be at least 3ft x 5ft.
  2. Attach the water meter to the end of the hose.
  3. Attach your current hand watering product to the water meter.
  4. Water the area and record gallons used.
  5. Reset the Water Meter.
  6. Attach the WiserWand to the water meter.
  7. Water the area with the WiserWand and record gallons used.

Compute Percent Saved = 1 – (WiserWand gallons used / Current hand watering product gallons used)

Example Percent Saved:

  • WiserWand = 1.1 gallons used
  • Current = 2.5 gallons used
  • 56% SAVED = 1 – (1.1 WiserWand / 2.5 Current)

Stephen saves water in Indiana, USA