Until 2016, Andrew Bowman had never planted a garden. After becoming disabled on the job while working for the Coca Cola Company, he lost the use of his left leg and left arm, which made watering a challenge. “I just have one good hand and some of the hose connections are really tight,” he says. “With my left hand, I can’t squeeze them.”

Right around the time he decided to attempt a garden, Tom Ryan introduced him to the WiserWand. Immediately, he saw the tool’s advantages, not just for himself, but for his six-year-old son Aiden. “The Wand has a metal hose attachment so it’s really easy to use,” says Andrew. “I don’t have to worry about feeling the arthritis in my fingers.”

He also found that regardless of the time of day, he could water the garden. “I’m in school, so I have to water whenever I can,” he says. “Sometimes it’s in bright daylight, when you’re not supposed to water, but with the WiserWand you can do it at any time because the water goes right to the roots.”

The WiserWand also allowed his young son to participate. “During the summer, I let him water in the evening,” says Andrew. “He was able to water the entire strawberry bed at six years old. It’s fun for him. He really enjoys it.” Being part of the watering process kept Aiden interested in the garden, a factor Andrew believes will pay off in the long term. “It’s going to help him make better food choices as an adult.”

As for Andrew, his first venture into gardening was an unqualified success. “I had the biggest green onions I’ve ever seen in my life,” he says. “I have really large hands. My ring size is a 15, and these onions were bigger than my fingers. The sunflowers were also really large.” In his first harvest, Andrew was able to enjoy the carrots, garlic, tomatoes, and tomatillos he’d grown himself – with a little help from Aiden.
He recommends the WiserWand to his friends and family. “If I could, I would make sure they all have one,” he says. “It gets the water straight to the plant. Being new to this, my biggest fear was about overwatering. With the Wand, you just need a couple of seconds and you’re done. I used it the entire season.”